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In Cortina, the food excellence of the territory marries the great ski

Cortina d’Ampezzo (Belluno), 20 January 2022 – The World Cup in Cortina has always been an important opportunity to enhance the environmental beauty of the area and, at the same time, a unique showcase to highlight the excellence that this territory can express.

This will also be the case in a few days’ time, when the classic two-day Women’s World Cup dedicated to the fast disciplines will be held in Ampezzo for the thirtieth time in the history of the circuit: Saturday 22nd January for the downhill, Sunday 23rd for the super-G.

The weekend on the Olimpia slope, which last February hosted the World Championships, the first major sporting event of the Covid era, will be an opportunity to reaffirm the strong ties with the territory, highlighting the spirit of cooperation and aggregation, together with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and quality products. Alongside the World Cup, continuing a collaboration that has already taken place in the past and on the World Cup, there will be companies that represent excellence in food and wine.

In fact, there will be Lattebusche, a company from Belluno that produces Piave cheese. The winners of the downhill and super-G will receive a large wheel of this DOP product that is reaping success all over the world. In addition, the two athletes who will climb the Olympia podium will be guests of Cortina and Lattebusche at the end of June, for a stay in which they will be able to appreciate the area and receive a supply of typical products made by Lattebusche with milk produced exclusively in the Belluno area.

Lattebusche has always been close to the territory, the only source of its raw material, milk,” explains Matteo Bortoli, Lattebusche marketing manager. “This is why we try to support activities that can give it visibility and strength by creating an induced activity: in this sense, the World Cup in Cortina represents a great opportunity“.

In Cortina there will also be the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco Doc, with whose bubbles the winners of the 2021 world competitions have toasted and that will make the podiums of the 2022 Cup special as well.

Sport is a strategic asset of our promotional activities at an international level, with particular attention to the world of women’s competitions. After last year’s World Championships, Prosecco DOC could not help but renew its partnership with Cortina d’Ampezzo on the most important event that annually takes place on its snow,” says the president of the Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco Doc, Stefano Zanette. “Also, on this occasion the victories of the athletes will be celebrated in an ideal toast that will reach from the Dolomites to the main countries of the world, where our bubbles with their pleasant lightness have become synonymous with elegant simplicity“.

There will also be, of course, Birra Forst, the official beer of the Italian Winter Sports Federation.

After the 2021 World Ski Championships, the World Cup in Cortina continues to be a privileged showcase for the enhancement of the territory and its products,” emphasizes Lorenzo Tardini, marketing manager of Cortina Ski World Cup 2022. “A territory with which we have a very close bond, a real synergy and not just a simple sponsorship relationship, in the belief that major sporting events are a great opportunity for growth with and for the territory. It is a collaboration between the World Cup and these realities that has been in place for some years and that has been strengthened during the World Ski Championships 2021. We are all looking to the present and the future, under the banner of a shared vision of the world of sport: work, strong ties with the territory, passion for the environment.”

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