100 years of FIS

Today, FIS celebrates its 100th anniversary and has launched a campaign for its centenary, honoring all those who have contributed to the success of the Federation and the Snow Sports community.

One hundred years ago, a small group of delegates gathered for the inaugural meeting of FIS, taking the first step of an extraordinary journey. Since then, giant strides have been taken, building a federation that represents 13 disciplines, embraces 140 affiliated associations, supports thousands of athletes and their support teams, and organizes over 7,000 events annually. It has been a journey marked by excitement, emotion, ambition, and, above all, a shared love for snow sports.

President Johan Eliasch stated, ‘It has been an extraordinary century for FIS: a century that has witnessed the complete transformation of skiing, the adoption of snowboarding, the explosion of new exciting disciplines, and the growth of snow sports worldwide. While it is challenging to summarize this journey, the common thread is passion, love, and commitment. Whether looking at the work of those leading FIS, or observing athletes, volunteers, or fans, there is a passionate desire to grow and share our sports, and it is to this passion that we pay tribute this year. This is not just a celebration of FIS but of the entire winter sports movement, its people, and its supporters.’

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