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Race Winners

FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2021


Corinne Suter SUI

Kira Weidle GER

Lara Gut-behrami SUI

Super G

Lara Gut-Behrami SUI

Corinne Suter SUI

Mikaela Shiffrin USA


Audi FIS Ski World Cup


2019 Ramona Siebenhofer AUT

2019 Ramona Siebenhofer AUT

2018 Sofia Goggia ITA 

2018 Lindsey Vonn USA

2017 Lara Gut SUI 

2016 Lindsey Vonn USA 

2015 Lindsey Vonn USA 

2015 Elena Fanchini ITA 

2014 Tina Maze SLO 

2014 Maria Riesch GER

2013 Lindsey Vonn USA 

2012 Daniela Merighetti ITA 

2011 Maria Riesch GER 

2010 Lindsey Vonn USA 

2009 Dominique Gisin SUI 

2008 Lindsey Vonn USA 

2007 Renate Goetschl AUT 

2006 Renate Goetschl AUT 

2005 Renate Goetschl AUT 

2005 Michaela Dorfmeister AUT 

2004 Hilde Gerg GER

2004 Carole Montilet FRA

2003 Renate Goetschl AUT 

2002 Renate Goetschl AUT 

2001 Isolde Kostner ITA 

2000 Regine Cavagnoud FRA 

1999 Regine Cavagnoud FRA 

1998 Isolde Kostner ITA 

1997 Isolde Kostner ITA 

1997 Heidi Zurbriggen SUI 

1996 Picabo Street USA 

1996 Isolde Kostner ITA 

1995 Picabo Street USA 

1995 Michaela Gerg Leitner GER 

1994 Katja Seizinger GER 

1993 Regine Heusl GER 

1993 Katja Seizinger GER 

1976 AnneMarie Pröll GER

1975 Evi Mittermaier AUT 


Super G

2019 Mikaela Shiffrin USA

2018 Lara Gut SUI

2017 Ilka Stuhec SLO

2016 Lindsey Vonn USA

2015 Lindsey Vonn USA

2014 Lara Gut SUI

2014 Elisabeth Görgl AUT

2013 Viktoria Rebensburg GER

2012 Lindsey Vonn USA

2011 Lindsey Vonn USA

2011 Lindsey Vonn USA

2010 Lindsey Vonn USA

2009 Jessica Vikarby Lindell SWE

2008 Maria Riesch GER

2008 Maria Holaus AUT

2007 Julia Mancuso USA

2006 Anja Paerson SWE

2005 Renate Götschl AUT

2005 Renate Götschl AUT

2004 Renate Götschl AUT

2004 Genevieve Simard FRA

2003 Renate Götschl AUT

2003 Carole Montillet FRA

2002 Hilde Gerg GER

2001 Regine Cavagnoud FRA

1999 Renate Götschl AUT

1999 Regine Cavagnoud FRA

1998 Melanie Suchet FRA

1998 Katja Seizinger GER

1997 Isolde Kostner ITA

1994 Katja Seizinger GER

1994 Alenka Dovzan/Pernilla Wiberg SLO/SWE

1993 Ulrike Maier AUT



2010 Tanja Poutiainen FIN

2009 Kathrin Zettel AUT

2007 Karen Putzer ITA

2006 Nicole Hosp AUT

2003 Anja Paerson SWE

2002 Stina Hofgard Nilsen NOR

2001 Sonja Nef SUI

2000 Anna Ottoson SWE

1999 Alexandra Meissnitzer AUT

1998 Martina Ertl GER

1997 Deborah Compagnoni ITA

1996 Anita Wachter AUT

1995 Anita Wachter AUT

1994 Anita Wachter AUT

1993 Carol Merle FRA


What's New!
  • On the spectacular Olympia of the Tofane, Elena conquers her second success in the World Cup, ahead of Austria's Tamara Tippler and Switzerland's Michelle Gisin. 
    The Italian skier, stronger than mistakes and wind, wins the World Cup downhill on the Olympia of Tofane, confirming her supremacy in speed.  
    This is to inform you that due to the weather forecast for the coming days in Kitzbuehel (AUT) and with the aim of better adapting to broadcaster need, the programme of the weekend will be as follows.  
  • Only at "La Cooperativa di Cortina" and on the website 
    Play with FIS Ski Race Genie, the first app that takes you to the center of the White Circus!
    On January 22nd and 23rd, the girls of the White Circus will compete in the downhill and super-G on the famous Olympia delle Tofane. In the finish area, grandstands, TV stations and hospitality tents are being prepared. 

Special event organized in collaboration with Cortina for Us
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In Cortina d'Ampezzo, thanks to the heavy snowfalls of the last few hours, winter has arrived and we are already getting ready for a season full of events.
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